Since its founding in 1954, Toyota Technocraft has maintained a pride in and affinity for its technologies and engineering throughout its many years of business as a Toyota Group company that truly merits having the word “craft” in its name.


- TRD Sportivo


Through our services and the many other aspects of our business, we have been a pioneering force in motorsports and vehicle customization, growing alongside the development of automotive culture for over half a century.

For the development segment, Toyota Technocraft is currently engaged in a range of pursuits that include the advanced development and prototyping of Toyota vehicles, along with composite materials development and engine development. In our customization segment, we endeavor to make significant contributions to society with efforts centered on producing vehicles for medical care, welfare, and public safety and security with, for example, the HIMEDIC high-standard ambulance.

In our motorsports segment, our activities include everything from designing and developing top-of-the-line GT500 racecars and providing technical support to racing teams. Races always find us vying for number one with our rivals with a competitive prowess of which we are proud.

Efforts towards amateur-class motorsports include support with everything from planning to vehicle development, supporting participants, and making significant contributions to the development of the culture of motorsports. Toyota Technocraft also leverages the technologies and expertise it acquires through these activities in the creation of TRD brand vehicles and parts as a means to encourage its customers to enjoy the thrills of driving.